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Henry Sapgir




I am Henry V. Sapgir, born on November 20, 1928, a resident of Moscow. Since the age of 14 my spiritual father was the original poet, artist and sculptor Eugeny L. Kropivnitsky, the founder of the so called "Lianozovo School". My army service took place in Urals. Then I worked in sculpture atelie, where I made friends with a number of talented sculptors, Ernst Neizvestny among them. My first publication appeared in 1959. The poet Boris Slutsky, with all his definiteness, once told me: "You are a formalist, that's why you will make a good children writer." Since then I repeatedly cooperated with such publishing houses like "Detskaya Literatura", "Malysh", "Sovetsly Pisatel", "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura", etc., and published monthly children poems and translations. As for my innermost, that's two little poetry books, published in Paris, namely "Sonety na rubashkakh" ("Sonets on the shirts"), "Stikhi - 87" ("Poems - 87") and "Stena" ("The Wall") in Moscow. 1989. Besides that, my poems were published in the literary almanac "Metropol", "Chast Rechi", "Apollo - 77", in the magazines "Novy Mir", "Continent", "Strelets", etc., "Selected Works" - Moscow, 1993.

For the last 25 years I've been writing theatre plays and cinema scripts. I am the member of such organisations as professional Union of Soviet Cinematographists, Moscow Association of professional writers, PEN Club, UNIMA. I am the member of editorial board of the almanac "Strelets".


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